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G(y)-tf Series Fans Used For Air Coolers

Designed with aviation technology,the G(Y)-TF series air cooler fans is applied to air coolers.This series fans bear the characteristics of easy installation&maintenance,stable performance,long life,high efficiency and low noise,etc.
Connection mode:
1. Direct drive; 2.Belt reducer driven 3. Planetary reducer driven.
Major component:
● Motor---Totally enclosed outdoors waterproof motor,which designed service life is 50,000 hours.Protection class:IP55,Insulation class:F. For special requirements, IP55 and Class H can be designed.Rated voltage:220~480V and frequency 50/60Hz. EX-proof motor dII BT4 or dII CT4) can be provided for special situation using.
● Impeller forms:
1.High strength aluminum alloy or stainless steel plate moulding forming.
2.Airfoil die-casting aluminum impeller.
3.Hollow airfoil aluminum impeller with adjustable blades.
4.High strength fiber impeller.
● Air duct is hydraulic or spinning forming.With streamline shape air inlet,it holds the characteristics of good appearance and rigidity and high efficiency.For special environment,FRP material is recommended. Air duct and motor support are carried out with surface treatment of paint spraying or hot dip galvanizing.


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